As an entrepreneur in the construction industry, you probably don’t need social media to win customers. So is it worth it then to concern yourself with this? Well, it’s a bit like having a car.


That’s not NEED to go from point A to point B. But it’s much quicker and more enjoyable. In the same way, social media is also accelerating the growth of your business and in this blog I’ll tell you exactly how.


The biggest thing social media does is ‘make an impression’.


When someone comes to look at your social media, they want to see how your company stands in the market and what you’ve already achieved.


The biggest mistake many construction companies make is that online they are not the same strong company that they really are. That’s why having good photos, a clear offer and a powerful brand message is extremely important.

For the dutchies: this interesting podcast will give you a quick Instagram course with useful tools and examples for your company!



The Secret Weapon


The most powerful thing you can do with social media is retargeting.

See, most people don’t decide after one ad. They get in touch with ads and sites from different companies and then consider deciding after, say, 30 days.

What we can do with social media is let people who visited our website or profile continue to show our messages.


  • This way, people remember you better because they see your logo more often, for example.

  • This way you can show more of yourself and the customer can rely on more than a first impression.

  • This way you stand out more than any other competitor who only make a first impression and then hope to be remembered.So you can take the time to really present your company.

  • This way you don’t have to post every day and make sure every prospect sees your best photos.


And this has nothing to do with how many ‘likes’ you have, because with likes you don’t buy anything. What it does is increase brand awareness, more word-of-mouth advertising, more quote requests and sales!

So now you know that it’s crucial to focus on social media in the construction industry. You exert influence in this way.


One More Thing


Be careful. Social media is just a small part of the whole marketing strategy. A combination of social media marketing, Google ads and offline campaigns are often the key to success.

To help you on your way, we’ve listed the 6 marketing strategies that you as a construction company need to know about!

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