One thing is certain: Belgians are all about buying houses. But how do you get them to your company specifically?

You know it’s important to have a familiar name otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Of course you do this with marketing. This way you attract more customers and win trust. But there are a lot of different ways to do marketing and advertising.

In this blog I will teach you 6 marketing methods for your construction company to put on the map with the corresponding pros and cons!

For the dutchies, an interesting video related to this topic:

First we have

#1 Flyers and Brochures

One of the easiest ways to advertise.

Usually you automatically distribute them in your region, so they are all potential customers. It is also very easy to make.

Of course pay attention to the quality of the design, it’s the first impression you make so make sure it’s a positive one!

Our second method is a very traditional one:

#2 Print Magazines

The advantage of this is that it positions you very quickly.

Not every company can be in a magazine just like that. This way you immediately distinguish yourself.
Here, too, the quality of the advertisement is very important. Often these are specific construction magazines and therefore the competition is high.

On top of that, we as human beings are bombarded daily with masses of advertisements so that most advertisements are simply not even viewed.

People don’t have time for it.

That is why it is important that you create an advertisement that attracts attention and is remembered.
In the same line you also have

#3 TV ads

These require an even larger investment.

A major disadvantage of this is that the impact is difficult to measure.

Because despite the fact that you reach a lot of people, you don’t know exactly who, nor which one of those people is buying your product.

That’s why you don’t want to use TV until you already have a working marketing process, but want to show it to more people.

For an SME it is often better to start with:

#4: Google Ads

While the first 3 examples mainly increase the brand awareness of your construction company, of course we also want our marketing to deliver something.

For this, Google is one of our most important methods.

Google allows you to measure how much you sell as a STRAIGHT CONSEQUENCE OF YOUR ADS!

How you set up the ideal Google Ads for your construction company, however, takes a bit more time and information.

That’s why we wrote a free Adworks Training on how to write the best google ad step by step!
The next method is:

#5 Social media

Again, there are many paths you can take. Just think of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or Linked In.

Not convinced that social media and the construction industry are a match? Then this blog will help you on your way!

Social media allows us to do exactly the same as the other channels in terms of brand awareness (flyers, print magazines and TV spots).

The biggest difference is that these days people spend more time on their smartphone than in magazines or TV.

On top of that, you can target much more specifically and it’s MUCH cheaper.

That’s why your performance here is 10 times more important! You will have to show expertise!

The big advantage of social media is that you also have more time to build brand awareness.

People follow you and get to know you over a longer period of time.

Unlike a magazine or TV spot where people see you once and have to pay every time to reach them (and are not sure yet).

But what it’s really all about is finding the right one for you.

#6 Marketing Mix

Marketing is not just doing one thing. It is through the combination of strategies that you achieve synergy.
The more of these things you combine, the more results you get.

Connect different channels to your social media and create a whole process from a cold prospect to an enthusiastic client.

If you go through these 6 marketing methods for your construction company, you will not miss a single possible track! This is the only way to achieve a successful marketing strategy;

  • You have learned that you use flyers, TV, radio & magazines to attract people to your site.

  • That these traditional methods are often expensive and the effect is not completely measurable.

  • How you can measure everything with Google Advertisements and keep track of how much you sold thanks to your placed marketing campaigns.

  • That social media has many forms and is a lot cheaper to build brand awareness.

  • The secret behind the perfect marketing strategy is ALWAYS a combination of many methods.

Did you find this blog interesting? Or do you know someone in the construction industry who could benefit from it?
Then share this blog with them now before you forget! They will thank you!