While entrepreneurs are doing everything necessary to protect their company against the impact of the Coronavirus, many wonder how to move on. How do we react on what’s happening today? How do move on to the future?

As you know, no one can predict the future. No virologists, ministers, gurus of geniuses know this. Just like no one knows how long this all will last.

Having said that, you do have your company. A company that is built on structures, processes and people who may or may not respect these processes in order to achieve a certain result.

All the things you did so far, got you to where you are today.


Where you are today. 


You started at point A in the past and arrived at point B today. Your point B now becomes your point A and so on. The idea is to keep moving forward in order to create a machine that gives you the opportunity to be of value to your environment, the bigger picture.

That’s why I am focussing on the future in this blog. Always looking ahead is a choice we have to make consciously. My hope is that this thought exercise will take you to your future. That it will create a door to a room full of possibilities.


The mistake people often make
is to look to the future with 
the lens of the past.


This gives you a distorted view of what is really possible. My request is therefore to look without filters. Read this as if you are opening your eyes for the first time.


Well, let’s continue this line of thinking.


If you copy and paste your attitude, thoughts and behaviors on Oprah, Obama, Messi, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Marcus Aurelius, The Rock,… Would they be where they are today? Or had they dropped out when faced with setbacks?

Would they have stopped when they should have pushed just one more time? Be honest with yourself, would they just have given up when following your patterns and cuddled up on the coach with a bag of chips, a comfortable blanket, a partner who is just good enough to stay together with for the sake of the kids, the mindset of I’ll start working out on Monday and with knowledge of Married at First Sight and Ex On The Beach?


What are your goals?


These examples are not a right or a wrong way of living. I just know damn well that as an entrepreneur you to want to get more out of life and I want you to experience this discomfort because it makes your life unworkable. You are capable of much more. You can contribute more to improve to the quality of your life and that of your entire environment.

How you react to this event, is your decision. Which actions and habits you decide to take on determines your future. Now, what you want to ask yourself is what if you copy and paste your patterns on who you should be? Do you get there where you want to be?

People who became legends have the same 24 hours you have. Yes, some are extremely talented. Take Prince for example, his sense of music is unparalleled. Just know this: he too could have given up. He too could have stopped when things got rough. But he made the DECISION to continue.


Decide that you’re going to win.


They are made from the same flesh and blood as you and me. Every entrepreneur knows that talent, timing, DNA and intellect play a role. Just like every entrepreneur knows they could have given up. JK Rowling was rejected 12 times. Remember that when you have just been rejected 5 times in a row.

Even Michael Jordan was kicked out of his school’s basketball team at one point.

My point is that we decide ourselves where we will be tomorrow. How you react to setbacks shows who you are. A virus does not define us, our response to it does.


Decide to move on.


Decide to focus on what you can control. Decide to fight. Decide to fight back after you lose everything. Even a bankruptcy does not make you a loser. You only lose if you decide to lose.

When you decide that when one door opens, you won’t open another door. That’s when you lose.
There is a version of yourself , bigger than the version you are today. You will find that bigger version of yourself when you make choices with discipline and determination. Analyze your patterns, break through those who work against you, focus on what you can control, keep looking for opportunities and persevere.